Cycle Training Provision for Half a Million Children by 2012

What’s the government ever done for me?  Well here’s something straight away, £140million for a cycling fund.
Good for Ruth Kelly.  I know it’s only about £2.20 per person overall but many of us currently cycle, many of us are simply unable but for those that perhaps lack the confidence to get on their bikes this funding is ideal.  I can speak with some experience of this since we as a family have been through cycle training and have got to know more about the programme.  I’d encourage everyone who is physically able to take advantage of this and go and get on your bike.

Barcelona Apartment

During the recent IT Forum conference in Barcelona I stayed in a great apartment right in the centre of Barcelona. Several of you asked for details so here they are plus some pictures of the apartment.

I used this web site to find the apartment: and there’s a wide selection of apartments at different prices. Happy hunting!

Club run

Why did I take my winter bike out this Sunday on the club run?
Ok, so it was raining when I woke up and I though the mudguards would be a help – but then it dried up, it got hot and I was grunting around the peak district on my steel Mercian whilst the rest of the club were still on their spritely summer bikes
I guess it’s exercise.
As we were riding along I dazzled everyone with my knowledge about Nicole Cooke winning the world championship only to then get knocked back with the news that she only got the silver (only being a realative term ’cause silver’s great)
We went to my favourite cafe in Hartington, I’m not telling you where it is though becuase it’s a nice quiet one with no visitors except us.
Anyway, onto the chain gang on Tuesday – probably the last of the year because it’s getting dark so quickly.

Another cycle ride to work

 What a great ride, I think Autumn can be one of the best seasons to be on your bike becuase it’s neither too hot or cold and the wind is often gentle.  What makes it even better this week is whilst millions of motorists are worrying about fuel protests all a cyclist needs is a bowl of porridge in the morning and his/her legs will have all the fuel they need.


I’ve been staying at a friend’s house near Reading and have had a 13 mile ride in to the office for the last couple of days.  I don’t know why I haven’t done tihs before but I certainly will be again.  My only problem has been getting a bit lost a couple of times


Cycling to work puts a great big smile on your face so come on, get out of that car and get on a bike.