It’s been a while but here posts and here runs.

Everyone who knows me will understand some of the reasons I have been out of circulation but I’m increasingly becoming motivated to get back up to full speed. One example of this is writing a post on my blog and another is the Kinder Dozen fell run which I will be attempting with some very good friends this week. It’s a lovely route of some 35+ km and 3,000 + metres of climbing.  A good link to the route can be found here.

Kinder Dozen

It’s Dozen because that’s how many times we will climb Kinder Scout.  Each climb is then followed by a wonderful looking descent although that feeling will be short lived.  The weather is sounding ok tomorrow although cold and wet but visibility will be crucial to our navigation.  Once again, I’ll be using an OSMAPS generated map to lead me round.  That is one web service I could not do without.