Round Sheffield Run 2016? Neigh Worries!

I also took part in the Round Sheffield Run for my second time this year. It’s an excellent event, perhaps the best sporting even on the calendar because the social side of it is massive. If you haven’t done it then you really should consider having a go in 2017. I’m quite certain I’ll be back. Anyway, here is an excellent, funny and honest account of the run from Lucy Marris.

Running Scared

Reading this is optional.  Could be a time-vampire, but then again, so is daytime TV.  Scrolling down to look at photos also an option.  If you are hardcore, then this account is a bit like a TV box set binge, just so you know.  Maybe get some Pringles in just to be on the safe side.

Digested read:  I like the RSR.  It is even more fun in fancy dress.

RSR 2016 logo

Magic Realism I think it’s called.  That is, the acceptance that magic can exist in a rational world (not that the world feels particularly rational right now, but let’s not go there).  It might of course be false memory syndrome or just general common or garden personal delusion, but when I think of the Round Sheffield Run (RSR) I just feel a little warm wave of happiness pass through me as I take the opportunity to indulge in some temporary…

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