Goal set and goal met

One of my goals this year was based on running.  I had competed in the Percy Pud 10k twice before in 2013 and 2014 getting progressively closer to the ‘sub-40’ so, can you guess it..?  My goal this year was to go sub 40 minutes in the only 10k running race I have ever competed in.  It’s been my best year for running and I have already run twice the 2014 distance record of 367km and notched up a little over 800km.  This has included a half marathon, a few fell races, 2 OMM lites, the OMM and several more parkruns but also more fell running in general as training.  The goal always seemed achievable but I knew it needed some additional and specific training, a race day strategy and a lot of determination.

When the day came I felt woefully under prepared.  After picking up an ankle injury during the OMM I was unable to run for the first two weeks of November.  This left me with the race day strategy and determination to fall back on.  The strategy was to find the 40 minute pacer and stick to his shoulder like glue until about 6km and then move away from him.  This was all working fine until about 8km when I could really feel the lack of preparation knowing away at my tired legs.  With only 500 metres to go the 40min pacer over-took me at, what felt like, the speed of a bullet.  I realised that this is where the determination now took over and quickly adapted my pace to overtake him.  The last 500m of the Percy Pud are up a relentless incline and I could see the timer already on 39mins counting inevitably onwards.  My legs were completely destroyed by this stage and my breath was coming in hurried and giant gasps.  The 40min pacer started to shout “last 30 seconds—-head up—-go for it” and ordered me over the line.

I made it with a gun time of 39:59 and a chip time of 39:53.  The relief and the reward were instantaneous and welcome beyond anything else at that moment.

Lessons learnt include:

  • Set a goal
  • Create a plan that is multi faceted
  • Stick to the plan as much as possible

Now I still need to complete a parkrun in sub 19 which I hope is still achievable this year.


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