Maratona dles Dolomites

I’m getting ready for the Maratona 2015 edition.  The legs are in good condition and I only have one race between now and when I go plus two running races.  I’ll have to be careful that the running doesn’t undo the condition of my cycling legs.

The Maratona is the perfect excuse to get back to the Dolomites which is an area on a par with the Peak District but with arguably more impressive views.  The Peak just wins because of its proximity to my house.

Here is the VeloViewer image of the event


Bolsover and District Cycling Club SpoCo TT event

It’s safe to say that this was a successful event for everyone and especially the organisers.  It was part of the North Midlands Time Trial series which is organised by Mark Bridgman Smith.  It turns out that I first met Mark more than 20 years ago when we were both actively involved in the climbing scene and frequently climbed together.  I’m glad I made a point of going and saying thank you to him because otherwise I’d perhaps never have realised.

For the record, I opted for a traditional bike with no tri-bars and no pointy helmet.  Keeping it simple sacrificed some time but it gives me a better idea of my performance.  I was riding as number 62, just 1 minute behind my friend James Baillie and with Pierre and Luc from Common Lane Occasionals riding as 63 and 64 respectively.

The night itself was just perfect.  The sun was shining and there was a slight east wind which helped to keep the night pleasantly cool for riding.  The wind gave a slight help from the start to the bottom of Fox Lane.  Fox Lane itself was steep and fierce and came just as the heart rate and pace had got up to a proper testing  level.  With two ramps and a long steady final rise to Shilito Woods it was then time to tuck in for the long descent to Baslow.  I decided to ease off the pedalling here thinking I had gone too hard up the hill.  Not sure if this was the best move or not but it helped recovery.


As I approached the Baslow junction I saw James Baillie (number 61) already on his way up the hill.  He didn’t look like he was slowing down for me to catch him and I didn’t.  The climb back up to Owler Bar is very familiar to me and one that I know I can easily go too hard on at the bottom.  Using my power meter I made sure I kept the throttle at around the 300-320 W level and this left enough to reach the flat without burning too many matches.  Once I was on the flat I knew that it was just a case of keeping my head down and powering through to the finish.  All I could think was that number 65 was going to be hot on my wheels but at the finish he told me that whilst his TT bike is awesome on the descent and flat it can be awkward to climb on.  So I remained un-caught as I crossed the line at 37:58.  This was 2 minutes ahead of my goal time and put me in 16th overall.

Altogether, a fantastic night out.  Well done to all who competed and to the organisers.  Brilliant course and I can’t wait until next year.

Here’s a link to some photos that Ben Lowe from VeloViewer took of the night

New corporate photo

Just had a new photo taken at work for my professional image.  It’s very different to my cycling photos but it’s not too bad.  People tell me that I never smile for the camera so pleased to have done so for this one.

Dom's corporate photo

Dom’s corporate photo

New year, new team and restarting the site

After nearly 12 years I have left my old club and joined the VeloViewer team for races and testing.  I’m also riding with Sheffield’s Common Lane Occasionals (CLO) for club rides.  CLO is also building an impressive racing squad and I’ve already enjoyed being in several races and tests with them over the last few years.

This is me in my new strip at the NMRRL race last week at Barlow and thanks to Tony Wood for the photo:


My team mate Pete Crawford won this race!  I’m hoping for some success as the season progresses.