Tour around Seattle

I met up with a group from the UK today and had a great little trip around Seattle.  We started at Pike Hall market and were tempted by the view and a chat with a "tour guide" to catch a ferry over to one of the islands for lunch.  This was well worth it, the view from the ferry of Seattle is fabulous and I’ll upload the pictures from my phone at some point.
We then came back to Pioneer Square and did the underground tour.  This would probably be quite dull if it wasn’t for the very amusing story teller/guide that took us round.  Jerome brought it to life.

Arrived in Seattle

It’s late Saturday and I’m doing my usual in a strange town and catching the
bus in from the airport with little idea where to get off but for two
dollars, it’s a cheap ride.

It’s been a nostalgic deja vu with my journey apart from the facts that I
got my luggage and a seat upgrade which was lovely. Although after what
seems like a million hours flying all I want to do is get a snack and
something to eat.

I’ve just seen a chap on the bus with what looks like a 2 litre coffee mug,
no joke. Welcome back to America! I hope I can get some normal sized
portions and fresh fruit.

Taking my chinos home

I’m just waiting to board my plane to take to, eventually, Seattle. i’ll be there for the Educause conference preceded by the Microsoft HED symposium on Monday with rather a lot of visitors from the UK.

It’s 3 years since I was last in Seattle and when I took this route last time my luggage didn’t but I’m earlier at the airport today.

I’m leaving the UK on the most beautiful day and right now I’d rather by cycling back home after a 40 mile ride in the Peak District than waiting for a plane in Manchester. still, only a short trip and then back home for a short while.