injured and not skiing anymore

well, after waiting for months to get skiing again we were initially expecting to find zero snow. in fact, there is plenty of snow but some slopes are a little thin in places. yesterday, it was raining for pretty much the whole day but this didn’t stop us skiing and kept the slopes quiter than the previous fantastic day. after lunch, the plan was to ski into Flaine but on the first slope down I went flying through the air and came down at speed onto my left arm. There was no alternative, due to the intense pain in my arm and shoulder, but to wait for help and the blood waggon. They were super quick and after a while placed me on the waggon and towed me down through 5 mintues of undiluted agony to an ambulance to go to the doctor’s.
following a series of x-rays it seems I had dislocated my arm plus a couple of fractures which will need some attention when I get home. The pain of having my arm and shoulder rejoined went right off the scale coupled wit the fact that I now can’t ski the last two days of our holiday.
Never mind, the family is enjoying it all and the kids skiing is really impressive. I have some books to read and coffee to drink and the scenary takes you breath away.

dominic watts


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