Dom on the Etape

Here’s an update on my Etape trip.  What a fantastic day out and the sort of ride I usually can only dream about.  Yes, it was hard work but it was worth it for the sprint finish in Alpe d’Huez
Would I do it again?  The answer is YES.
Here’s a picture of me struggling (and I really was struggling) up the Alpe.

l’etape – on the coach

finally the trip has started and it started with a 5:15 taxi side over the pennines to meet the coach in Manchester. it’s a long journey now through the UK and France with one overnight stop. at least the coach is comfortable but my legs will need a good rest when we get there.

we met a great old guy at the coach station who must be at least 65 and he won this trip last year after spending quite some time off the bike. He’s a little nervous to say the least but if I can still be doing this at his age then I’ll be happy.